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From being raised by a hard working single mother who worked 3 jobs to put food on the table, to then suffering & overcoming his beloved mother’s early death when he was 20 years old, Justin’s Journey is an example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles of their life & create their dream life.

Justin thrived in the academia realm, having the privilege to spend his Junior year of High School summer on Princeton University’s campus in an Ivy League/University preparatory program. 

As a multi-sport athlete growing up, Justin found a love for Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, & Medicine and in doing so he enrolled at Rutgers University majoring in Exercise Science & Sports Studies with a Nutritional Science minor.

During his studies, he went on to work for a research lab studying the effects of Cardiovascular Training on Psychology, helped train NFL athletes at a well-known training facility, & interned as an Athletic Trainer for Rutgers BIG10 Football team.

His mission is to help Millions of People to create the life that they dream of holistically through mindset techniques, meditation, physical fitness, & nutrition.



NOUNThe state of being whole and undivided.

Our commitment to our community at Just Integrity is to provide education, supplementation/foods, and community bounded by the intention of creating a brighter future for humanity & mother earth. A future of integrity-wholeness. We are here to empower our community with a platform of trusted information, high quality supplements formulated to help find balance within the body, & a community of individuals who are committed to create a brighter future. We are committed to combining ancient wisdom from our ancestors with cutting edge scientific research to help create transformation in our community for a more harmonious future for us all.


Just Integrity & Just Integrity Academy were Founded around a vision & the intention of creating a community, a place for trusted information, & supplementation bounded by integrity, a vision of the future, & personal transformation. We believe that through the connection of mind, body, and spirit personal transformation becomes boundless & as one person in our community becomes more whole our entire community of human beings becomes more harmonious. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in this world”, as one of us changes, the collective consciousness changes. We focus on supporting the mind through Just Integrity Academy, the Body through Just Integrity’s supplementation & exercises, & the spirit through community, meditations, & purpose. By creating a community centered around integrity, we aim to inform, unite, & help provide the information, supplementation, & mental tools to help us create heaven on earth. Our vision is one in which we all unite together for the greater good of all & in doing so we heal mother earth & live lives that we truly love! Imagine that.




"When I joined Just Integrity, this all changed for me. I have found a new sense of self-happiness, self-love, and balanced enjoyment for life. Forever Grateful"
Jamie Foret

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