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Morning Manifestation Meditation

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During this meditation, the goal is to help guide you into a deep trance & help you live & feel as if you are living in their future reality NOW. You will visualize the reality & the day you want to create & feel as if it is here already.




1 review for Morning Manifestation Meditation

  1. Jacoda (verified owner)

    This meditation brings so much healing into my life. With it only being 20 minutes, it’s easy for me to practice in the mornings. Im also fairly new to meditation. I tried other guided meditations prior to this one and I started feeling really nervous while in a session. I never experienced that with this meditation, and after using it for a few weeks, I was able to start doing other guided meditations without the anxiety. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve had mornings where I would be in deep pain while doing this meditation, but I’ve also experienced peace, joy, gratitude, abundance, and love while doing this meditation. As I said, it brings healing. I also use this with the morning manifestation journal and it’s the perfect pairing!

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