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90 Day Journal – Your Morning Manifestation Journal

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Goal/Intention: the goal & intention of this journal is to help you consciously create your day & ultimately the life you truly desire through a clear & simple process. To Create the Life You Desire, you must become the person of that reality

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1 review for 90 Day Journal – Your Morning Manifestation Journal

  1. Jacoda (verified owner)

    My experience using the morning manifestation journal has been very transformative. For years, I’ve always been asked about my vision and desire for my life, but I was never honest with myself or other people when I gave the answer. I fabricated this version of things that I want based on some collective trend or expectation. My body was in one place; my mind was in another place; and my heart was buried and forgotten. This journal immediately began knocking that fakeness out of the water. While using the MMJ, the versions of myself that I created based on my past started disappearing. The vision I had for my life began changing. The journal allowed me to pinpoint the things hidden away in my heart. Suddenly this journal has me DOING things that are the most important to me (emphasis on me). This oneness is exactly what I needed in my life.
    While using this journal, every day I see and learn something new about myself and life itself. It’s truly an anchor in my transformation journey. There were times when I would be overwhelmed with negative feelings and thoughts about life and myself. I would look back at my vision and things that I wrote in the journal, and that would bring me back to peace. Side note: I had to use past tense right there because I did it enough times that it became natural for my mind anchor itself. I’m not the same person that I was before I started using this journal :-O
    If I had to describe this journal in three words it would be thorough, steadfast, and transformative.
    Be blessed.

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